Compassion, Patience & Always Kindness.


Encouraging Human Kindness & Emotional Intelligence in Technology and Production.



Claudia Davis is a young professional with interest and experience in business analysis & project management, data representation, marketing, social media management, and the development of new media. After graduating from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and minors in both Computer Science and Marketing, Claudia went on to gain experience in the fields of Public Relations with the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Graphic Design with the nonprofit organization, Styleta Inc., and data representation and interface design as a Business Systems Analyst with Indiana University’s tech center, UITS. She now works for Yale as a Business Systems Analyst & Web Producer.

At Yale, she assists in the design of data structures, search algorithms & relevant taxonomies across homegrown systems, DAM, CRM and CMS software to the benefit of the Yale Community - analyzing relevant workflows from a variety of individuals, and parse those into specific business and technical requirements used for decision making in software purchases, integrations, implementations. Additionally, she provides comprehensive quality assurance and testing support, including the creation of test scripts and scenarios used in user testing. She can often be found providing personal desk-side counseling to colleagues from different disciplines and different levels of technological literacy to better support the members of her team in their professional projects and goals.

With a lifelong passion for animation and media as a vehicle for educating and entertaining children, and a keen interest in the ways historically human adults have attempted to prepare children for the world, Claudia's interests lie in the methods by which we communicate the importance of respect, understanding, responsibility, and compassion to our world’s youth - specifically regarding how to best leverage animation and early education programming as an accessible educational resource.

Combining her professional interests with her personal passions, Claudia recently gave a presentation to a standing room only crowd at SIGGRAPH 2018 entitled “Emphasizing Empathy in the Pipeline Process” - which focused on how leadership could be more mindful of their own emotional intelligence in order to promote a better working environment and achieve better outcomes. In 2019, she repeated this session in addition to a juried talk at the SIGGRAPH: Thrive conference. She is also the founder of the forum site for the Emotional Intelligence (EI) Community for like minded project managers who would like to collaborate with others to develop real world strategies for emotionally intelligent project management.

In her spare time, Claudia has volunteered with the Massive Collaborative Animation Project as a Project Manager, after having been involved with both the Animatic and Concept Art teams from the same project. She is also currently serving as a co-director for the MCAP03 project alongside Johannes DeYoung. In the past, she has volunteered her time with organizations like the Boys and Girls club of America teaching children from a variety of ages how to make flip books, comics, and stop motion animation. She has also been featured on the Podcast Where are We Going during the "Silt Is" segment with Steven Allen discussing various projects she has worked on.

As always, she continues to grow her personal portfolio.