This is not a love story.

Gaslighting is a technique and pattern of abuse that, through exploiting a person’s vulnerability, one is able to slowly manipulate a person and cause them to call into question their own sanity, values, and personal rights.

Those who use gaslighting do not always realize their actions, nor do they often realize what they are doing is as hurtful and dangerous as it is. This, however, does not make it right.

This series is a reflection of a personal and very real social encounter over a brief time during which this technique was employed against the artist and encompasses the process of gaslighting from the beginning (Declaration) to the end (Exculpation). The words you see are real. The words you see matter.

Gaslighting affects us when we are most vulnerable - when we truly care or open ourselves to caring for another person. This series serves as a reminded not to let what someone else says degrade the person you are; do not let the things they say discourage you from being yourself; do not let them make you feel like you need to apologize for standing up for yourself and your right to be treated with kindness and respect.