Claudia Davis is a budding designer and creative with interest and experience in data representation, marketing, social media, graphic design, and the development of new media. Graduating from Indiana University Bloomington with a Baccalaureate in Informatics and minors in both Computer Science and Marketing, Claudia went on to gain experience in the fields of Public Relations with the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Graphic Design with the nonprofit organization, Styleta Inc., and data representation and interface design with Indiana University’s tech center, UITS.

With a lifelong passion for animation and media as a vehicle for educating and entertaining children, Claudia resolved to participate with other hardworking individuals to creatively communicate to our world’s youth the importance of respect, understanding, responsibility, and compassion.

Claudia’s personal heroes are Fred Rogers, Jim Henson, Hiyao Miyazaki, John Lasseter, Howard Gardner, and her family. These are people who have not only helped teach her the importance of patience, kindness, and confidence, but also nurtured in her a passion for the well-being and growth of others and a deep appreciation of others’ unique intelligence and creativity.




Claudia is volunteering with the ACM Massive Collaborative Animation Project with the Concept Art team, after having just completed her involvement with the Animatic team from the same project.

She has also been featured on the Podcast Where are We Going during the "Silt Is" segment with Stephen Allen discussing various projects she is in the process of completing.


As always, she icontinues to grow her personal portfolio.