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At SIGGRAPH 2018, Claudia lead a session regarding emotional intelligence and project management. This presentation, informed by Claudia's experience as a Project Manager for the Massive Collaborative Animation Projects initiative, and by her own experience in her professional life, explores whether the pipeline process as a project plan itself, when left unchecked, can result in increased pressure on team members, and the ways in which increased emphasis on emotionally intelligent management can alleviate some of these pressures for the betterment of the participant and the project.

While MCAP has the unique position of being an educational program, in which students are encouraged to extend themselves outside of their comfort zone, her experience illuminated issues the with pipeline project plan as a whole, many of which are evident in the professional world. By looking at the issue on a smaller scale, the 50+ attendees engaged in a great discussion at SIGGRAPH 2018, reflecting on their own production environments, management styles, and individual experiences and strategies they can use or are already using to emphasize or extend their own emotional intelligence for the greater good of both the participant and the project. To that end, the discussion did exactly what Claudia had hoped and opened the dialogue for emotionally intelligent project management in the industry as a whole.

Claudia has been asked to provide consulting, both to individuals requiring assistance and to companies looking to improve their work environments - and she is always happy to help. Her consulting work is tailored to the needs of her clients, as she believes it is less effective to approach emotional intelligence in a prescriptive way, and that by engaging participants in conversation, it is easier to get them involved, thinking, and learning the right strategies so that they are best equipped to lead their teams mindfully.

If you are interested in discussing these options with her, please reach out using the information on the contact page.




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